WCSF (bez lepidla / no adhesive)

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Heat-Shrink Tubing without Adhesive WCSF

WCSM heat shrink thick-wall tubing is designed for insulation on low voltage cable accessories, as well as for sealing, protection and rejacketing on low, medium and high voltage cables and cable accessories. With this tubing type, the electrical and physical properties of cable oversheath and core insulation of low voltage cables are combined with ruggedness and easy installation.

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Name / part number shrink ratio temperature min. [°C] temperature max. [°C] Add
WCSF-200-18/5 0 0
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WCSF-300-28/8-1000/N 0 0
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WCSF-500-38/13-1000/N 0 0
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WCSF-650-50/17-180/N 0 0
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WCSF-1500-114/38-100U 0 0
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WCSF-650-50/17-A/U 0 0
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