Printer ribbon Y201P

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Printer ribbon Y201P

Waxes and resins are mixed together to produce ribbons that
show improved scratch and smear resistance, as well as
improved solvent, and heat resistance over wax ribbons. Wax/
resin ribbons can be printed on a wide range of label materials,
but are particularly good matches for coated synthetics. It is
recommended for typical industrial application with no extreme
environmental . It can be used for the most standard applications
at standard print temperatures.

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Name / part number temperature max. [°C] material colour Add
Y201P 30mm 105 Vosk / pryskyřice černá
Y201P 30mm
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Y201P 40mm 105 Vosk / pryskyřice černá
Y201P 40mm
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Y201P 90mm 105 Vosk / pryskyřice černá
Y201P 90mm
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